The demand for energy is forecast to grow by over 70% across the Middle East by 2020.  All utilities in the region are looking at ways to improve efficiency to support and ease the inevitable production increase required – even the region’s major oil producers would rather sell oil and gas than burn it.

Utilities around the world are modernizing their distribution and customer demand management systems with Smart Grid solutions. AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), delivering near real-time meter reading and control, is usually the starting point of such programmes that can be extended to additional applications such as distribution automation, operations and maintenance, and transmission management throughout the grid infrastructure.

Smart Grid technology delivers proven efficiency enhancements by matching hourly demand cycles with appropriate real time response across the entire electricity supply chain.  The full realisation of Demand Response programmes can only be achieved, however, when metering systems components are integrated in real time with traditional customer billing and CRM systems, and enhanced by delivering customer usage information directly to the customer through an on line “portal”.  Cloud Technology is able to provide complete “meter-to-customer” metering optimisation solutions through its partnerships with vendors such as SAP (utility customer billing and CRM solutions) and the world’s leading providers of meters, data concentrators and Meter Data Management software.

As the integrator of one of the world’s largest Smart Grid projects in the Region, Cloud Technology is taking the lead in bringing these innovative solutions to a part of the world where they can have the greatest impact.