Smart Cities

Around the world, cities are growing at an unprecedented rate with the number of urban residents expanding by nearly 60 million every year.  In the Middle East, as elsewhere, this growth creates the demand to make cities more competitive business centres and more desirable places to live.  Smart City technology is seen as a key enabler to make cities cleaner, safer, and more efficient, and has become a proven factor in improving the quality of life of all city stakeholders.

The Smart City concept is therefore being promoted by many high profile technology companies. Few, though, have real world experience of implementing Smart City infrastructure or applications in the MENA Region.

Cloud Technology’s 10 years of experience in Smart City deployments goes back to the very inception of the Smart City concept, and includes some of the first city-wide video surveillance, Smart Grid and public safety projects in the USA and Europe. As the developer of the first full-scale Smart City communications infrastructure in the Middle East, Cloud Technology has gained 5 years of experience in this important sector right here in the Gulf. During this period, Number one has developed a strong Smart City “ecosystem” of applications and their components that can be optimised to meet each city’s specific priorities.  We also have the practical experience of working with multiple municipal agencies required to implement them.